EasyBreak AB

  • Brand: Flowmotion
  • Type: EasyBreak AB
  • Max. Flow: On request
  • Max. Pressure: On request
  • Max. Temperature: 40°C (higher on request)
  • Materials: MDPE, brass, Stainless Steel

About this product :

The EasyBreak AB is a MDPE disconnection tank of 23, 105, 210 or 450 liters (other capacities available on request) with a float valve of 1/2″ or 3/4″, an overflow according the European norm EN 1717, EN 13077 and is Belgaqua certified. All used materials are suitable for drinking water.

It can be equiped with different kinds of pumps and controls according customer requirements. (1 or more pumps, on/off or frequency controlled, etc.)

Thanks to its compact dimensions it can be installed almost everywhere. The large range of Stainless Steel multistage pumps of Flowmotion (to be mounted in the tank or horizontal or vertical next to the tank) makes that the required flow at the desired preussure can be realized with minimum power consumption and noise.

De EasyBreak AB is mostly used for connecting safely Industrial dishwashers, steam ovens, feeding of animals, laboratories, hospitals, etc. (this means all applications where liquids of class 5 are to be connected safely to the water system)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or a quotation for your project.